Road Runner Food Bank

Once a month, NewLife Homes partners with Road Runner Food Bank to provide food to our residents at no cost. Many who fall into the extremely low income bracket have a hard time purchasing enough groceries throughout the month. The food distribution helps to supplement our residents’ income so they don’t spend as much on groceries per month. Also, NewLife Homes stores extra food just in case a resident is struggling to put food on their table. Resident’s also volunteer in helping with the distribution of the food.

Community Garden

NewLife Homes has community gardens at Broadway, Sundowner, NLH 4 and NLH 5/6. During the growing season, we find volunteers to help manage the garden. When ready to harvest, staff puts out vegetables weekly to further help supplement the nutritional needs of our residents. NewLife Homes is always looking for ways to expand our gardening capabilities. Any donations of seeds or grow boxes would be greatly appreciated.

Social Hour

At our Sundowner, Kentucky, and Luna Lodge apartments, staff hosts a social hour every week. NewLife Homes created social hour as a way to get residents out of their apartment and communicating with the community. Loneliness is an issue many people deal with in today’s society. We encourage our residents to get engaged in their community. Social hour is one part of that engagement. From making crafts to playing bingo, our residents come together to enjoy time together. From kids to adults, all residents are welcome to join us for social hour.

Community Room

NewLife Homes provides free space for groups and organizations to use at each of our facilities. The biggest of these being at the Sundowner. We find it important to help other nonprofits in the pursuit of their mission. A $20 key deposit is required. Groups have used our space to host art shows, seminars, conduct trainings and many other activities. If you would like to use our space please contact us at 505-266-7000

Community Outreach

NewLife Homes prides itself in redeveloping neighborhoods that benefits the surrounding community. However, we’re aware we can’t do everything by ourselves and always look to collaborate with other nonprofits. If you’re an organization looking to work on a project within a local community, NewLife Homes is here to help. We have the facilities and a population that would benefit from different projects. If you’re interested, call us at 505-266-7000.


NewLife Homes welcomes donations of food, clothing, games and more. We store these items in our donation bank so residents can have access to items they need. If looking to donate, please call us ahead of time at 505-266-7000. We may have enough of one item already and don’t have the storage capabilities to handle more. Also, if you do provide a donation, NewLife Homes will provide you with a thank you letter that has our tax id on it.

Volunteer Program

NewLife Homes likes to seek outside volunteers to work within our communities. We believe it helps to inspire our residents and creates healthier communities. If you’re interested in volunteering give us a call! We need help in many areas and always enjoy having people join our community. Areas of volunteering we need are, community gardening, trash pick-up, office assistance, food distribution and social hour.