About Us

NewLife Homes Inc., founded in 1993, is one of Albuquerque’s premier award winning developers of supportive housing. Our processes are based on proven methods for creating sustainable and viable communities and we:

  • Develop housing that reflects the wider community needs, and includes housing individuals in the workforce alongside families and vulnerable residents with disabilities.
  • Provide a nurturing supportive community where residents look out for each other and are invested in the broader community.

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Our reach is statewide with our project support extending to Santa Fe and Farmington, and all projects reach the highest level of energy efficiency with all new projects achieving LEED Platinum certification. Our expertise allows us to revitalize blighted, abandoned or distressed properties—creating the foundation for ensuring community stability and catalyzing economic redevelopment.

The primary goal of NewLife Homes Inc. is to provide safe, affordable, quality housing with support services, through the creation of mixed income/mixed use communities that revitalize neighborhoods, reduce crime, and improve adjacent property values.

Our Service Community NewLife Homes Inc. serves Albuquerque’s diverse community including those challenged by disabilities, fixed income, veteran re-integration, and the elderly. NewLife Homes’ projects have community rooms, computers, on-site managers, service coordinators, community gardens, age-relevant amenities, and food box provisions to ensure that residents receive dynamic support. Community groups and businesses use our community spaces for events, celebrations, workshops, trainings and regular neighborhood meetings. Collaboration with public/private/nonprofit groups allow scarce resources to be effectively deployed to address community needs, avoid duplication, and ensure that we remain effective stewards of public/private funds. Our staff are invested and engaged with over 500 residents we currently serve.

How are we funded? NewLife Homes receives funding from rental income and competitive grants from HUD, the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority, the City of Albuquerque, and private foundations such as United Way, McCune, and Frost. Our agency has received more HUD Section 811 grants (housing for persons with disabilities) than any other agency in NM. Donations from individual donors are also greatly appreciated. Please contact any of our staff listed below for more information about how to donate.

Our Unique Business Model NewLife Homes staff structure is LEAN AND GREEN, with an executive director, onsite managers, maintenance, and service coordinators. Comparable agencies serving the same number of clients have 4 times the staff complement. We provide quality environmentally friendly housing at a cost per unit that is unsurpassed in the state because we have very limited office overhead expenses, receive substantial pro bono work from architects and other vendors, and have little resident/staff/board turnover. Our average unit rental (which includes access to support services) is $400 per month when an equivalent one bedroom market rental in Albuquerque is $700, and monthly SSI (supplemental security income) is $728. Without this supportive housing, many of our residents would be on the streets.

Awards and Recognition